Free Move Planner 5 Weeks to Move-out Day in Ottawa, ON


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Start getting the details of the move organized as soon as you can. 2.If your company is helping you with moving expenses, find out how much they'll pay so you can plan your budget. 3.Ask the Internal Revenue Service for information about tax deductions on moving expenses. 4.Contact your insurance agent to transfer property, fire, auto and medical insurance. When organizing dental and medical records, be sure to include prescriptions, eyeglasses, and vaccinations. 5.Wills, stock certificates, and other one-of-a-kind documents are difficult or impossible to replace. Plan to carry them with you instead of packing them. 6.If you have questions that this move planner doesn't address, ask your agent for details about our toll-free 24-hour Answerline. 4 Weeks to Move-out Day. 7. Bring your children in on the move now. Make it exciting and fun. 8. Let kids do some of their own packing, or let them suggest layouts for their own room. Ask their opinions on decisions. 9. Sit down and start organizing your move. Make a list with 3 columns: items to leave behind, items for the mover, items you'll move by yourself. 10.Animals can't be moved in a moving van, and state laws can prohibit the moving of house plants. If you're not taking your pets or plants by car, make shipping arrangements. Make sure your pets have had necessary shots and that their tags are current. Consider giving plants to a friend or local charity. 11.Fill out change of address forms- you'll find some in the back of this planner. If you need extras, ask your agent or get them at the Post Office. Start recording the local addresses you may need later. Take your old phone book. 3 Weeks to Move-out Day. 12. At this point you should begin to make some definite decisions. 13.For each item you aren't going to move, decide whether you'll sell it, give it away, or dispose of it. 14.Talk to your agent and decide how much packing you need to do yourself, if any. Leave big item for the mover. Remember, we pack for a living. It's safest and easiest to let us do everything we can. 15. For anything you've outgrown or just don't use, consider having a garage sale. This is a project kids can have fun being involved. 16. Clear off your worktables, and collect rakes, shovels, and hoes in one place. 17. Discuss fragile possessions with your agent, who'll show you that we know how to move these items safely. 18. You'll probably want to carry valuable jewelry with you. If you've hidden any valuables around the house, be sure to collect them all before leaving. 19. While you're sorting through your belongings, remember to return library books and anything else you've borrowed. Collect items you've loaned or have on lay-away. 2 Weeks to Move-out Day. 20. It's getting to that critical point where the preparations you make now will make everything smoother later. 21. Make final packing decisions. Start preparing anything you don't use often for the move. 22. Clean and clear. 23. Plan meals that use the food in your freezer. 24. Drain all the oil and gasoline from your lawn mower and power tools to prevent fire in the moving van. See your owner's manual for details. 25. Send change-of-address cards to national newspapers and magazines. Cancel delivery of local papers and settle your account. 26. Thousands of people leave town without clearing their safety deposit boxes. Don't be one of them. Call your bank to find out how to transfer your accounts. 27. Drain the water from your hose. Wrap and tie it for moving day. 28. Arrange appliance disconnection and preparation. Your agent can give you advice about who to see if you don't know where to start. 1 Week to Move-out Day. 29. This is your week to tie up loose ends. Check back through this move planner to make sure you haven't over looked anything. 30. Arrange to have the utilities at your old home disconnected the day after your scheduled Move-out Day. 31. Call ahead to have utilities connected the day before Move-in Day, if possible. 32. Pack your suitcases. 33. Make it clear which items you'll take yourself, so the movers won't have any questions. 34. First thing, make sure the destination agent knows the address and phone number where you can be reached until you get into your new home. 35. Prepare a "Trip Kit" for moving day, containing anything you'll need while your belongings are in transit. 36. Tape and seal non-toxic cleaning fluids in plastic bags. Discard household oil, paint, aerosol cans, and other flammables and toxic chemicals. 37. Empty, defrost and clean your refrigerator and freezer and clean your stove, all at least 24 hours before moving, to let them air out. Try baking soda or charcoal to get rid of odors. 38. Arrange to pay your mover with cashiers check, traveler's checks, cash, credit card, or direct billing to your employer if previous credit approval is granted. Move-out Day 39. Relax. You already did most of your work. 40. Strip your beds. 41. Be home for the mover's arrival. Then just sit back and watch us work. 42. confirm the delivery date and time at your new address, and make sure the driver has the exact street address and directions. 43. Since you'll probably want to clean before the furniture is off the truck, make sure your vacuum is packed last, so it can be unloaded first. 44. Since your utilities aren't disconnected until the day after moving day, your bill won't come until you reach your new home. Be ready to pay this and other outstanding bills. 45. Your kids will probably want to help. We appreciate the thought, but if possible, it's a good idea to get a baby sitter to supervise children during the packing and loading. 46. If you can't be present moving day because of travel plans, make arrangements for someone to be there to act as your representative. 47. Accompany your driver as he takes inventory and tags each piece of furniture. Make sure the condition of each piece is recorded. 48. Stay in your home until the last item's packed. Make a final inspection before you sign our paperwork. Turn off any remaining utilities. Move-in Day 49. Breath easy. Your belongings have been in good hands while in transit. 50. Be sure you're there when the movers arrive. Plan to stay around while they unload in case they have questions. 51. Arrange before Move-in Day to have your utilities connected. 52. Have the house ready before we arrive. Clean as much as you can without your vacuum cleaner. 53. Make absolutely sure your phone is connected- ideally, you should have the phone company hook it up the day before Move-in Day. 54. The movers will probably have questions. Plan to be available to direct them as they unload. 55. Complete unpacking service is available, but must be arranged with your agent in advance. Limited unpacking and removal of cartons may be requested on Move-in Day. 56. Examine everything as it's unloaded, so you can note its condition on the driver's copy of the Inventory. 57. Meet your new neighbors. Visit your new bank. Look forward to getting settled in after all the excitement of moving in.